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PA Celebrates 15 Years of Success

Partnership Academy celebrated its fifteen year anniversary with a traditional Quinceañera party on Friday, November 10.  “Our Quinceañera event was a true mission moment for our school.  It will forever be one of my most memorable moments at PA,” shared Executive Director Lisa Hendricks, who presented about the school’s history with fellow founders, Associate Director Rosa Herrera and Associate Director Lena Stackhouse-Rogers.  “It made me reflect back to the many challenges we faced in the early days of starting the school and be truly grateful that all of that hard work was worth it,” Hendricks continued.

With traditional Aztec dancers, fifth grade student performers, alumni speakers, dinner, and dancing, the Partnership Academy community celebrated in style.  An estimated 400 people attended the event, which was free and open to the community.  “They actually made it like a Quince and put a lot of effort into it,” commented Alan Hernandez Martinez, a 5th grade student who danced in the program. “I was nervous to dance because we were representing PA, but it felt good.”

Fifteen years is easy to say but hard to accomplish,” reflected Herrera.  “I am blessed and honored to serve our beautiful students and their family. This celebration is a true testament of a great partnership.” 

Many staff and families shared similar sentiments that it was a unique and special celebration. Stackhouse-Rogers shared, “Since our early beginnings, PA has touched the lives of our families, students, teachers and our community partners.  This was very evident at our Quinceañera, there were past and present families, alumni and PA staff that came to celebrate this momentous occasion.  What we have created here at Partnership Academy is special, remarkable and powerful.”