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National Recognition for PA's Equity Work

Partnership Academy leaders presented recently at the TAP National Conference in New Orleans and at the JMC Minnesota Charter School Conference to share with other educators about the ground-breaking race and equity work being pioneered with educators and students. 
"It was a huge honor and pleasure to be selected as presenters," Executive Director Lisa Hendricks shared. "We were able to share the work we do here, which is such unique, transformative work, and inspire seeds of change in many other schools."  The presentation in New Orleans filled quickly and had to be closed due to overwhelming interest.  
Among its unique innovations, Partnership Academy has spent over three years with an intensive focus on race and equity in its professional development trainings, including Beyond Diversity training, work in using the Courageous Conversations protocol, racial affinity groups, interracial discussions, and intensive coaching on equity.  In summer 2016, Equity Coordinator Jessica Rivas led educators to develop a K-5 Equity Scope and Sequence to ensure that all students understand their own and others' cultural identities, feel pride in themselves, and enact change based on their knowledge of justice and equity.  The leadership team also aligned the educator observation process to ensure race and equity was ingrained in how teachers are evaluated and coached.  
"We are so proud of the work we have done, and yet there is so much more we want to do to help all students succeed at PA," stated Lena Stackhouse-Rogers, who serves on the leadership team and co-coordinates equity work at PA.