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Partnership Academy offers the following:

Family Involvement

Partnership Academy offers families significant opportunities for communication, education, and involvement. Four times per year, teachers meet with every family to discuss their child’s progress.

Extension & Enrichment
Partnership Academy provides opportunities for students to apply their learning in meaningful and engaging ways. Studentsparticipate in field trips, service learning, and cultural activities frequently. Every day students spend 90 minutes in specialist classes, including Physical Education, Music, Spanish, and Social and Emotional Education Development (SEED).
Leadership opportunities, such as Student Council and the Stand Up anti-bullying group, are available to older students, as well.We believe that learning should be fun and relevant to students, so we are always looking for ways to enrich the school day!

Language Support

English Language Learners receive targeted instruction to teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English.

Classroom teachers work closely with English teachers to make sure each child progresses in language skills, which are measuredcarefully and reported.

Our 7 Essential Elements

¨Student Focus


¨Continuous improvement

¨Personal responsibility

¨Problem solving


¨High expectations