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3rd Grade

Both within and outside of Partnership Academy, 3rd grade is a turning point year.  By 3rd grade, the instructional focus shifts from "learning to read" to "reading to learn".  It is the first year when students take the state's Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) in reading and math, as well as a time of more independence, rigor, and self-discovery.  Our 3rd graders rise to the challenge and also spend time focusing on some very interesting scientific learning, including investigations of outer space and the animal kingdom.
Please visit our 3rd grade website for even more resources and information: 

Big Math Goals in 3rd Grade:

* Understands Place Value to 100,000 including expanded form (i.e. 9,241 = 9,000 + 200 + 40 + 1)

* Rounds numbers to the 10s, 100s, and 1,000s

* Solves 1-digit multiplication problems with different strategies (skip counting, equal groups)

* Identifies, orders, and compares fractions

* Solves real world problems with numbers 0-100, including problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and 2-step problems.


Resources to Practice Math:

* Our 3rd grade site has many great games and resources: 




Big Reading Goals in 3rd Grade:

* For more advanced readers, we hope that they will read a variety of books, from novels to non-fiction with understanding

* Use a range of strategies to understand a text and the words in it

* Recognize and discuss different types of texts, structures, and author's techniques

* Make connections between different texts

* Write expressively in many different forms (stories, poetry, reports)

* Use a rich variety of vocabulary and sentences

* Revise and edit their own writing


Resources to Practice Reading:

* Our 3rd grade site has many great games and resources: 


* Visit our wonderful public libraries to get a free library card and borrow books

* Read more about developing bilingual readers at

We highly recommend your 3rd grader reads independently for at least 20 minutes every day. You can support your child by talking to him/her about that they are reading and what they think about the text. Third graders will benefit from having a designated space and time for doing homework and reading. As your child's skills become more complex, it is still very beneficial for him/her to talk with you in your native language, read or tell stories with you, and have your support to develop good study and work habits.