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Our kindergartners are always working and playing hard!  They are learning to read, write, and do math problems, in addition to learning how to make friends, solve problems with other children, investigate the world around them, and much more.  Kindergarten at PA is unique due to all of the individual and small group attention children receive to help meet their academic, social, and language goals.  Below are some areas and resources for kindergarten families to work on with their child to prepare for 1st grade:

Big Math Goals in Kindergarten:

* Read numbers 1-30 (using different flashcards)

* Write numbers 1-30

* Count forward and backward to and from 30

* Put number cards in order (1-30)

* Make numbers using 10s and 1s (i.e. 17 is one ten and seven ones)

* Solve real world math problems (i.e. Ana has 3 apples. Jack has 2 apples. How many do they have altogether?)


Resources to Practice Math:



* YouTube has lots of great math videos:

Count to 100:

Count down from 20:


With all of these, we recommend practicing with your child and talking about math in every day life - counting socks, scoops of rice, steps, and more!




Big Reading Goals in Kindergarten:

* Read and write all letter names and sounds

* Read 30+ sight words

* Read Level D books with understanding

* Talk about books to make connections, predictions, and summaries

* Write simple stories using inventive spelling


Resources to Practice Reading:





* Visit our wonderful public libraries to get a free library card and borrow books

* Read more about developing bilingual readers at

We highly recommend reading to your child in any language every day for 20 minutes and talking about what you see and read in the book. Our youngest students need lots of opportunities to build vocabulary by reading and talking frequently in every day life - whether describing the sticky peanut butter as you make a sandwich or comparing which season you like best and why.