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School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Uniform Policy

Partnership Academy students wear uniforms to present themselves in a responsible, professional manner.
Uniforms can be purchased HERE.
Click HERE for a step by step guide to purchase.
  • Preschool scholars wear a royal blue logo t-shirt, red or navy pullover or zip up sweatshirt with PA logo. Preschool scholars must wear navy bottoms and this age group may wear sweatpants, uniform pants, or leggings.  Parents are highly recommended to send a change of clothes for preschool and young elementary scholars.
  • Elementary uniform includes: navy pants, red Partnership Academy shirt, navy sweatshirts and navy sweaters. 
  • Middle school scholars must wear a maroon polo shirt with the school’s logo and khaki or black pants or skirts (no leggings).  Students may also choose to wear a gray sweatshirt with the school’s logo.  Plain gray sweaters or sweatshirts without hoods or logos may also be worn.  All uniform clothing should be clean and free from holes, rips, or adornments.     


Partnership Academy students must wear the appropriate uniform attire; students and their families can decide how they will present themselves beyond the uniform clothing.  Students’ hairstyles, jewelry, and shoes shall be at the family’s discretion unless interfering with the student’s learning.  Shoes with wheels and accessories are not permitted.  Students have the responsibility to keep themselves, their clothes and hair appropriate and neat.


Fridays are “Culture and College Day” when students can wear jeans (without rips or holes), a Partnership Academy t-shirt, a college shirt, or clothing that represents their culture. Sagging pants or any gang-affiliated attire will not be allowed.