Partnership Academy

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A Unique Approach to Special Education

Partnership Academy provides a supportive, challenging, and engaging learning environment for many kinds of learners.  "I would send my own child here in a heartbeat," praised former Special Education Director Diane Elkerton, acknowledging the collaborative way all staff work together in order to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities.  In fact, many students have found Partnership Academy to be a good fit after searching in other public schools.  "The way we look at each child as an individual and build on their strengths makes us a really supportive school for students and families," stated Academic Director Molly Schwaiger who works closely with the special education program at PA.  
Our permanent team includes special educators, a speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, school social worker, and several associate educators who help students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  "Many students need different things - whether they take sensory breaks during the day, get extra support in reading or math, work through complicated feelings with our social worker, or use an iPad to practice a new concept, and I think we are really good at meeting each child's individual needs," stated Alison Tanner, special education lead teacher.
As a school, we believe that all students can learn and do best when they are appropriately challenged and supported with their peers.  Our services are a mix of push-in where the specialist comes directly to help the student in the classroom and pull-out where the student goes to learn in a smaller, quiet space outside their classroom.  We work hard to help all students to gain independence and success in their learning at PA.