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Board Overview

Board Overview

The primary functions of the Board are to uphold, support, and assure the alignment of school operations with Partnership Academy's vision and mission AND to create sustainable conditions in which Partnership Academy achieves desired results from students in a financially responsible manner. All decisions made by the Board will be made in light of the mission, vision, goals and objectives of Partnership Academy. The Board must ensure the provision of its quality educational program to all students at the school. Every decision or action taken by the Board must be made in the best interest of all Partnership Academy students – not what is in the interest of the Board, or the staff or the parents. The Board is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the school. It must plan for the long-term operation of the school. The Board will operate as a policy maker following the John and Miriam Carver approach to board governance.

Standing Committees of the Board
Partnership Academy Standing Committees were defined and approved and are listed below. These committees respond to the request of the Board and to support the needs of the Board. Committees have objectives, strategies, and a preferred set of experiences, skills, and backgrounds for participation in order to better serve the Board. Committees have non-voting power and report to the Board of Directors.

  • Accountability Committee
  • Annual Meeting and Nominating Committee
  • Finance Committee