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Safe drinking water at Partnership Academy

A new Minnesota statute now requires all schools to test for lead in the drinking water. Student health and safety is always the top priority for us and we are pleased to report that all tested water sources were well within the acceptable range for drinking.

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Richfield City Council Unanimously Support PA's New School Project

¡Anoche el Consejo de la Ciudad de Richfield votó por unanimidad 5-0 en apoyo de nuestro proyecto! ¡Estamos un paso más cerca de tener nuestro propio edificio escolar, el cual nuestros alumnos y familias puedan enorgullecerse de llamar suyo!

Last night the Richfield City Council unanimously voted 5-0 in support of our project! We are one step closer to providing a school building that our students and families can be proud to call their own!
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How PA Alumni Make a Difference

Since 2002, Partnership Academy has served thousands of students, all with unique strengths and successes.  We caught up with three distinguished alumni who are now making their mark as college sophomores.  From gifted math groups to AP classes and aerospace engineering and from 5th grade Student Council speeches to college class president, these alumni are making PA proud!
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Celebrating our Heritage at PA

Whether kneading the masa for tortillas, creating a webpage to honor a leader of color, or braiding a Kente Cloth, students at PA have boundless opportunities to explore who they are and why that matters.
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