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Richfield City Council Unanimously Support PA's New School Project

¡Anoche el Consejo de la Ciudad de Richfield votó por unanimidad 5-0 en apoyo de nuestro proyecto! ¡Estamos un paso más cerca de tener nuestro propio edificio escolar, el cual nuestros alumnos y familias puedan enorgullecerse de llamar suyo!

Last night the Richfield City Council unanimously voted 5-0 in support of our project! We are one step closer to providing a school building that our students and families can be proud to call their own!
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How PA Alumni Make a Difference

Since 2002, Partnership Academy has served thousands of students, all with unique strengths and successes.  We caught up with three distinguished alumni who are now making their mark as college sophomores.  From gifted math groups to AP classes and aerospace engineering and from 5th grade Student Council speeches to college class president, these alumni are making PA proud!
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Celebrating our Heritage at PA

Whether kneading the masa for tortillas, creating a webpage to honor a leader of color, or braiding a Kente Cloth, students at PA have boundless opportunities to explore who they are and why that matters.
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No School on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! ☃️❄️SNOW DAY! Due to the weather conditions today, we have decided to cancel school tomorrow. There will be no school and no AMIGOS after school programming and Adult English Class. Please stay warm and drive safe. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!❄️ NO ¡HABRÁ CLASES MAÑANA! ☃️☃️Debido a la nieve de esta tarde hemos decidido cancelar las clases mañana y el programa de después de escuela y las clases de inglés. Cuidense mucho y manejen con cuidado. Si tienen preguntas, favor de llamar a la oficina. Muchas gracias!
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School Today 1-22-18

PA will be releasing at the regular time today, 4:00. The bus companies we use are not able to start our routes any earlier. Some of the buses will be running late. If you would like to pick up your child early please do so before 3:30 if possible or call the office at 612-866-3630. Thank you and be safe out there!

La salida de Partnership Academy será a la hora regular, 4:00 pm. La compañía de bus que usamos no pueden llegar antes. Algunos buses estarán tarde. Si pueden recoger a su hijo/a antes de las 3:30 o llamar a la oficina 612-866-3630 ext. 100. Gracias y tengan cuidado!
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